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Good question! Our temporary WiFi is a turnkey, independent internet solution. Under most circumstances, PopUp WiFi draws the signal from multiple LTE (4G) carriers at the same time, using powerful antennae. As we are not affiliated with any one Internet Service Provider, we can customise the hardware and SIMs inside the units so the configuration is just right for your particular situation and location. Enterprise-grade, load-balancing routers and High Density Access Points provide the best possible experience for high numbers of users. The beauty of this approach is you always get the highest speed with the greatest level of reliability. If one carrier goes down, the others keep on going, resulting in a seamless internet experience for your event.

Let us show you how the PopUp WiFi hire experience works.

PopUp WiFi units come pre-configured and ready to go in a jiffy. They’re just like running a toaster. Sit your unit/s on the bench (or similar), plug into a power source, wait for it to warm up and WiFi pops out. And if your event doesn’t have a power supply, chat to us about our handy battery options.

For Australian events they run off a standard 10 Amp/240 Volt source just like any normal household appliance. If you’re in the United States a standard three pin, 110 Volt outlet will work just fine.

No. We’re a managed service, which means that we solely hire and lease our gear to clients. This ensures you’ll always have a smooth WiFi experience. If you’re thinking that you’ll need PopUp WiFi unit offer, we offer 3, 6, 12 and 24-month leasing options starting from just $107 per week. It’s all the cost saving and convenience of owning a unit, without having to worry about support and maintenance.

Yes, you sure can. Leasing a unit means that you’ll always have the internet you need, when you need it – without having to pay delivery fees or worrying about availability.  It’s a great way to save significant time, money and hassle if you’re a frequent WiFi-er. Click here to get more info.

We know event styling is a key consideration to every event and our WiFi units just happen to be a spectacular shade of purple or orange. We understand they may not blend in with every event colour scheme but please refrain from putting your unit in a cupboard or covering it with anything dense. A light cloth drapery, cardboard or light weight plastic will ensure that the signal can still reach your WiFi hungry crowds.

WiFi signals are blocked by dense walls. For your PopUp WiFi unit to work seamlessly it needs to be positioned in the same space as the people who are going to be using it.

We’re glad you asked. We have a team of dedicated network engineers on call for the duration of your event. Once you book your unit we’ll give you all the contact details you need so if you have any worries, all you need to do it holler.

For more information about the support services we offer, head to our Live Support page.

PopUp WiFi units contain very powerful, relatively large High Gain 4×4 MIMO antennas. This means that PopUp WiFi draws a much better signal from remote cell towers than phones or WiFi dongles can. Our technicians can also tune the units to optimise the internet signal in tricky locations. When you enquire, we’ll check the coverage levels in the area and 99% of the time give you a prediction of speeds and performance straight away. If your event is very remote, we may need to do a site visit to determine the best approach. We’ll quote you separately for this service if it comes to that.

Data usage depends on the number of users, the functions for which your people will be using the internet and the length of time they’ll be using the internet. The good news is that we’ve provided WiFi for hundred of events so we’re pretty clued in on how much data you’ll need and we’ll work with you to come up with a data allowance that means you won’t be hit with bill shock after your event.

It depends. To avoid missing out, especially during peak event season, it’s a good idea to book  at least two weeks ahead. We do have the capacity to send units to some metropolitan areas overnight, but to avoid rush rates we’ll need your booking at least seven days ahead. If you’re using our marketing solution, CAPTIVATE, along with your PopUp WiFi unit we’ll need at least 72 hours turnaround to build and test your gorgeous customised splash page.

Our talented techs have a few customisations that they can make to your configuration if you’re looking to keep data use under control.

One step we take with almost all public networks is to block the data-hungry applications. We can never know when Apple will release an update the night before an event. Imagine your delegates arriving in the morning and connecting to WiFi. Suddenly a large number of your delegates devices begin downloading the update, often without people being aware that they’re using a lot of data. Android and iOS updates can get expensive very quickly. We block these, along with HD video streaming, torrenting and cloud storage unless there’s a special reason that you would like people to have access to Netflix!

If you’re planning a large event, it might help to implement a data limit per device on the public network. This gives everyone access to a reasonable amount of data without being able to go over-the-top.

Another trick is to “rate limit” the public WiFi network (the staff one can be at full speed), so that there is a maximum throughput. By limiting the speed to say, 10Mbps, your people will have enough speed to check emails, use social media, use any event apps etc. They won’t however, have enough speed to inadvertently smash through several GB while their Dropbox account synchs their 800 holiday snaps in the background.

If you’re activating in a packed area you can reduce the power of your WiFi to reduce the coverage area and limit the number of people within range at any point. This limits the risk of providing WiFi to people who may be sitting within the zone but are no longer engaged with your activation.

Yes, we sure can. Our team can send you an SMS or email during the event when your data usage reaches a pre-designated level. Many of our customers ask for a notification when they hit half of their pre-paid data allocation. Just discuss this with your PopUp WiFi team member and we’ll get it organised.

Our PopUp Express units weigh 9kg and PopUp Go Units weigh 6kg.

Yes, you sure will. Our customers in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore regularly jet set around with PopUp WiFi Go units in their hand luggage. If security asks you to open the unit, simply call our live support team and they’ll give you instructions on the spot. In the US and Canada, our units should be checked in. Security in these countries is tight and PopUp WiFi units are brand new technology. This means that the staff will need to do their jobs and inspect the units closely if they’re carried on board.

Yes, that’s the beauty of bringing your PopUp WiFi away with you – you can have the same experience when you’re on the road as at home. Of course, there may be some regional differences in 4G performance, but our multi-carrier backhaul means that the user experience will be very similar in almost all situations. If you’re heading somewhere very remote, talk to us and we’ll work out a solution for you.

We haven’t had a report of a PopUp WiFi unit who needed a sick-bag on its travels yet. Our fleet of internet-producing titans have been built to withstand most situations you can throw them into, so as long as you keep tabs on their whereabouts at all times, they might just be the best travel companion you’ve ever had. 

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