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Simplify your production internet with our powerful range of modular units just made for events.

Whether you have tickets to scan, transactions to process or a show to stream, there’s a PopUp WiFi For Events combo to fit the bill.

Our temporary internet units are filled with the highest quality, enterprise-grade hardware for ultimate reliability. With an expert team of network engineers on hand offering live support with the latest cloud-based software, it’s like hiring a Formula One race car with an invisible pit crew on hand to keep your internet running at top speed.

All units work independently, or you can mix-and-match to suit your event space and requirements.

The PopUp WiFi Express

PopUp WiFi Express units are a simple way to rent internet access for medium-sized groups. Express units are a low-fuss, highly reliable solution for your next training session or conference and are great for video streaming. With full network customisation and live remote support, they’re a simple plug’n’play option that’s a cinch to set up in under a minute for perfect WiFi wherever you need it.

The PopUp WiFi Go HD

PopUp WiFi Go HD units are a quick and easy mobile internet option for small groups, small spaces and cashless payment systems. Our newest baby model on the scene, PopUp WiFi Go is an affordable, reliable solution for situations when you only need a small number of devices connected, like at a bar or registrations desk. Easy to self-install in less than a minute, they’re like a low-cost internet insurance option for when you just need the internet to work.

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