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Produce brand activations that gather crowd data and deliver awesome internet to make a lasting impact.

How great would it feel to know that your rock-solid internet was all taken care of?

Virtual and augmented reality engagement, live streaming, IoT, App launches and live product demos all have the potential to rock your peoples’ worlds – until the internet doesn’t work. When everything rides on successful production, don’t risk having the computers say “no” at a crucial point. PopUp WiFi works the way you need it to. Even if you’re not a technical person, setting up a sophisticated activation that can gather user data and drive traffic to your product pages is as simple as ordering in pre-configured WiFi. We’ll make you look like an IT rockstar by sending a pre-configured, plug’n’play unit ready to go, or delivering and setting up your Tower on site. Our friendly local techs will be managing your network live the cloud, so you can focus on putting your brand in the best light.

Branded event internet. Sponsors dig it...

Like you, making a great impression is all we think about. PopUp WiFi has provided WiFi to several hundreds of events across Australia and the US since 2014. Branding and marketing specialists choose our temporary internet because we create powerful, affordable solutions that are backed by networking experts. We manage your network live, using tricky technologies to handle potential congestion or  remoteness. Whether you’re thinking about internet for a few important gadgets, or for a few thousand ticket holders, our temporary WiFi will work the way you need it to.

PopUp WiFi gives you the tools to turn an in-person interaction into a beautiful online friendship. Include a fun network name and password with your hire, or add a snazzy login screen and auto-redirect to the landing page that you want people to see. Talk to us about CAPTIVATE, the best way to take internet from an expense to a revenue source for your event.

When Sunsuper wanted to make a splash at Sunsuper Riverfire, they used PopUp WiFi’s temporary internet.

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Q: What do you get when you cross 600,000 people at a major outdoor event with temporary internet?

A: Enormous opportunity or epic disaster. It just depends on the quality of your WiFi service.

Brisbane’s annual Riverfire event attracts tens of thousands of people to the riverside parklands area along the banks of the Brisbane River, with cell coverage notoriously tricky due to congestion. Sunsuper saw the opportunity to place some high-impact branded towers at vantage points along the parklands area, providing attendees with the chance to access some quality internet to stay in touch and share the good times. Along the way, people logged in via a branded splash page. Once they connected, they were redirected straight to a custom campaign landing page so the digital marketing team at Sunsuper could measure impact using their regular Google Analytics reporting tools.

Sunsuper Riverfire Splash Screen | PopUp WiFi - Temporary Event WiFi
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So what happened?

Wins all round! Sunsuper grew their mailing list by connecting with a large, pre-qualified audience of attendees. The people at the packed event got what they wanted (access to snappy internet), when they wanted it (while the cells were jammed by all of the devices pinging the network). Most importantly, attendees had a positive brand interaction at every step, leaving them with a warm fuzzy feeling towards Sunsuper, and a better likelihood of engaging with the brand again. Sunsuper received their spreadsheet of email addresses, allowing them to pick up the conversation with their people, right where they started it – at Brisbane’s iconic outdoor event. And the internet? It rocked.

If you’d like to find out how PopUp WiFi can help you ace your next brand activation, contact us to get a quote straight from one of our event WiFi experts

Or take a closer look at the PopUp WiFi family here

The PopUp WiFi Tower

The PopUp WiFi Tower is your premium temporary internet bundle when you really want to pack a punch at your next event. Towers are great for big crowds in large areas and come with our customer engagement service, CAPTIVATE, featuring a fully customised network, login splash screen, on-site set-up, custom signage, data collection, traffic flow reporting, and expert live support.

The PopUp WiFi Express

PopUp WiFi Express units are a simple way to rent internet access for medium-sized groups. Express units are a low-fuss, highly reliable solution for your next training session or conference and are great for video streaming. With full network customisation and live remote support, they’re a simple plug’n’play option that’s a cinch to set up in under a minute for perfect WiFi wherever you need it.

The PopUp WiFi Go HD

PopUp WiFi Go HD units are a quick and easy mobile internet option for small groups, small spaces and cashless payment systems. Our newest baby model on the scene, PopUp WiFi Go HD is an affordable, reliable solution for situations when you only need a small number of devices connected, like at a bar or registrations desk. Easy to self-install in less than a minute, they’re like a low-cost internet insurance option for when you just need the internet to work.

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