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When PopUp WiFi started in 2014, we occasionally received requests for internet for live video broadcasting. How things have changed...

Years later, the world has caught on to the power of live broadcast to extend a brand’s reach, connect in a more authentic way, and generate valuable, saleable content for a relatively low spend. These days our units are out on the road supporting solid uploads for everyone from rappers to sold-out conferences, football teams to fashion festivals.

Our portable internet for live video streaming turns “scary” into “exciting”.

You only get one take with live video streaming. That’s the element that makes it so appealing to viewers – the immediacy, the rawness. No one knows exactly what’s going to happen. That’s a good thing, but when the unpredictability extends to the internet connection, things can quickly fall apart leaving viewer and sponsors with a bad impression.
That’s why producers hire our PopUp WiFi Express HD. Managed live by our friendly local network engineers, you just plug it in and give the team a call. They’ll optimise your network for your live stream so you can concentrate on producing the show, while we take care of the internet. Make your shot count with our expertly-managed internet for live video streaming.

When Canadian creative digital agency Tyger Shark took over The Berrics skatepark in LA for Majid Jordan’s album launch, PopUp WiFi kept the live stream flowing.​

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Here’s what Tyger Shark had to say about the broadcast:

“To launch R&B Duo Majid Jordan’s second full length album The Space Between, their management team wanted to announce the release date in a unique way. The challenge was to create a new listening experience for fans using live-streaming technology to broadcast the album to the world from one of the most iconic skateboard parks, The Berrics in Los Angeles. This execution needed to be high quality, engaging and create buzz to then launch the album on Apple Music and Spotify post-live stream.” Check out the Majid Jorden The Space Between Live Stream Listening Party broadcast:

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The Space Between listening party went live on October 26, 2017, viewable on 3 platforms worldwide.

By combining feature-film quality cameras and powerful technology, the live stream achieved a movie-look that fans respected and engaged with at 30 comments per second on average throughout the entire performance. After 52 minutes of HD cinematic live video with the world’s top skateboarders and Majid Jordan themselves, the album was released on Apple Music and Spotify and marked a milestone in the exponential rise of their music career.
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Or take a closer look at the PopUp WiFi family here

The PopUp WiFi Tower

The PopUp WiFi Tower is your premium temporary internet bundle when you really want to pack a punch at your next event. Towers are great for big crowds in large areas and come with our customer engagement service, CAPTIVATE, featuring a fully customized network, login splash screen, on-site set-up, custom signage, data collection, traffic flow reporting, and expert live support.

The PopUp WiFi Express

PopUp WiFi Express units are a simple way to rent internet access for medium-sized groups. Express units are a low-fuss, highly reliable solution for your next training session or conference and are great for video streaming. With full network customization and live remote support, they’re a simple plug ’n’ play option that’s a cinch to set up in under a minute for perfect WiFi wherever you need it.

The PopUp WiFi Go

PopUp WiFi Go units are a quick and easy mobile internet option for small groups, small spaces and cashless payment systems. Our newest baby model on the scene, PopUp WiFi Go is an affordable, reliable solution for situations when you only need a small number of devices connected, like at a bar or registrations desk. Easy to self-install in less than a minute, they’re like a low-cost internet insurance option for when you just need the internet to work.

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