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For those jobs that need a
"check, one-two"

Surprises. The natural enemy of the producer.

Sometimes the only way to gain accurate data before a production is to run a test. When you’re planning an event in an unusual situation, a PopUp WiFi Risk-Free Test makes sure there are no surprises on show day.

We know reliable internet provision is critical to your work and we take our role seriously. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay more to do your job right so we don’t charge extra for the supported testing service – you just cover the cost of shipping.  The more we know, the better we can support you to deliver a production that delights your client and keeps them coming back for more. 

Our 100% Risk-Free Test Promise 

We’re so confident in our services that we’ll send you a unit early to test on-site with our full support for just the cost of shipping ex-LA. If you’re not blown away by our UltiMate support and your PopUp WiFi unit’s performance, just return it for a prompt full refund. No questions and even better – no surprises.

Do any of these this sound like you?

“I just need regular internet connectivity, but I’m not sure if the signal will work in our venue. It has no windows and I have no reception on my cellphone.”

“We’re producing a live stream in High Definition a bit outside of town. We want to do a tech run on location to make sure everything is going to go smoothly on the day.”

We’re live-streaming shows during COVID-19 and sending kits of cameras, mic, laptop and internet to the remote participants. I’d like to do a rehearsal with some of the more technically-challenged talent.”

“We’re running an outdoor event in an area with marginal coverage on all the cellular providers. I’d like to see which speeds to expect at the site”.

If so, book a Risk-Free Test at no extra cost. Here's how:

Get in touch

Contact us a minimum of 10 days before your event (a minimum of 4 days if you’re in LA) and tell us a bit about your unusual event. We’ll send you a quote with two lots of shipping and no rental charge for the test run, provided the inventory is available in our warehouse.

Hire a unit

If you’re happy to go ahead pending test results, accept your quote and pay your invoice. We’ll gather some further information for our network engineers and arrange to send you a unit early.

Run your test

Set your unit up at your event location and call our network engineers. They’ll work with you to optimize the configuration for your specific technical requirements and venue.

Review the data

We’ll provide the network data and live feedback for you to consider.

Choose your next move

Most of the time, the test performance is spot on and our customers hold onto their units if their job is within 7 days.

If our network engineers spot something that could cause you trouble on the day, the test will provide the information they need to analyse the data and recommend a modified approach for your specific situation. From there it’s up to you whether you go full steam ahead with the recommended Plan B or return your unit for a prompt refund (less $149) once it arrives back at our warehouse.

We've built PopUp WiFi on a foundation of respect for our clients & the work they do, and a belief in the enduring nature of mutually-beneficial partnerships. By providing risk-free supported testing at no cost to the client, we contribute to their ongoing success and that of the events production industry overall.

Nina McMahon

Linden Kurth

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Nina McMahon

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Davies

Co-Founder & Product Manager

  • Linden Kurth
    Co-Founder & CTO
  • Nina McMahon
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Andrew Davies
    Co-Founder & Product Manager
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