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Hi! We're Nina, Andrew & Linden. Pleased to meet you.

A happy accident

PopUp WiFi was an excellent accident that happened in 2014. The three of us (Andrew Davies, Linden Kurth and Nina McMahon) founded our company in 2013 in Hobart, Tasmania. Our skills and qualifications are in network engineering, hardware, hospitality, people, brand management, and renewable energies. We managed projects that focused on regional and community development, always with a technological twist, usually with an events component.

In 2014, we were tendering for an events-based government project in a regional part of Tassie. The brief called for participants to engage in an online polling activity, but there was no robust, affordable event WiFi solution available for a group of around 200 users. We searched the globe for the right solution and couldn’t find one that met the all our requirements. Fortunately, Linden and Andrew had the skills to build our own multi-carrier cellular solutions. The guys built our first prototype and away we went.

20,000+ event days and 4 continents later

4 years and a LOT of iterations later, we’ve provided branded WiFi at well over 3,000 event days in Australia, the US, Brazil, Singapore and the UK. PopUp WiFi now has bases in LA, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne We now have a complete range of bonded 4G and 5G products under our belt, allowing us to provide modular solutions for a range of event types.

Next stop? Affordable, premium adtech that takes over the world (and helps save the planet at the same time).

Our 2020 Vision is to develop carbon-neutral event WiFi, powered by solar and re-chargable batteries. PopUp WiFi is affordable adtech that punches above its weight, without generating piles of landfill and emissions. We’re focused on skilling events professionals to eke every bit of goodness out of their sponsored internet, highlighting the game-changing opportunities that the new breed of custom WiFi creates.

We’re super-proud that as we grow, we continue to drive the company with our original values of Authenticity, Engagement, Innovation, and Excellence in mind, bringing more and more passionate people along for the ride.

See more about our 2020 vision here

Oh, did we mention we're really friendly too? Contact us any time.

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