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Knowledge Is Power

Show days call for speed and responsiveness – there’s no time for blind troubleshooting. Since 2014 we’ve been refining our IoT-informed remote management systems so we can move as fast as you do. 
When you power up a PopUp WiFi unit, it starts sending our network engineers a steady stream of detailed IoT data about its status. Far deeper than just cellular provider information, our devices deliver constant updates on more than 24 separate technical diagnostics for every network component. 
Our network engineers use that intelligence to get a clear picture of what’s happening with your internet connection at any moment.
This knowledge combined with our powerful management tools lets PopUp WiFi techs make effective modifications to your network as needed.
We never start a call by asking “have you tried turning it on and off again?” UltiMate Intelligent Active Support gets straight to the point, giving you immediate, decisive action so you can quickly get back to impressing your clients.

These UltiMate Intelligent Active Support inclusions make PopUp WiFi the #1 choice for serious event producers:


Individual Network Check & Optimization

You wouldn't dream of staging a concert without running a soundcheck. Don't risk poor internet performance by starting an event without a proper network check. Exactly like a soundcheck, this essential step is the PopUp WiFi secret sauce that keeps our professional AV and production customers coming back. Every venue is different so they need different settings to get the best performance from the network. That's why our network engineers run a sophisticated live network check and optimization. They'll get the levels just right for your location up to two days before your event so you can be sure your internet connection will be right on the night.


24/7 Active Management & Support, informed by IoT Intelligence

PopUp WiFi network engineers have complete insight & control over the network components inside each of our units. We designed and built our range for the best remote manageability.

When you call our Support number, you'll speak directly to an experienced technician who can actively make changes to your network on-the-fly. It's just like having a dedicated network engineer on-site with you. UltiMate Intelligent Active Support means you and your client get the benefits of having around-the-clock qualified network engineers for your event, without the traditional hefty price tag. 

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