Long term leasing

Love it? Lease it.

If sending your PopUp WiFi unit home after a job is starting to make you feel a little sad, maybe it’s time to consider a longer-term arrangement.

With contracts available for 3, 6, 12 and 24-month leases, you’ll save money, time and always have the high-quality internet you need.

Keen to try before you rent? Easy. Just let us know you’d like to convert your casual rental to a lease by the last day of your ad hoc booking. We’ll credit the amount you’ve paid for your casual rental towards your first months’ lease invoice with our “Love it? Lease it” offer.

The NEW Express 5G. Not just a pretty case.

Meet the smartest managed internet solution available anywhere in the world. With multi-carrier 5G + 4G bonded technology & 24/7 intelligent live management, it delivers seamless internet that can handle anything you throw at it.

Streaming in 4K? Easy. Working from a moving vehicle? Yep. Producing at an event with 100k guests? The Express 5G outsmarts it all, with 4 modems, an ultra-fast Peplink router and high-gain antennas to grab all the megabits you need.

From our base in LA, right across the USA. It’s total 5Genius.

Rapid ROI

If you expect to need managed internet services for 11 or more event days per year, leasing a unit for 12 or 24 months is the best value in town when compared with our standard casual rental rates. 

Designed for our professional production partners’ benefit, leases start at around $250/week. With unlimited re-configurations & expert support, you could find a handy new revenue stream by on-selling your managed internet service to your clients

Never miss out

Events are back, baby! It’s great news for producers but it does come with the risk that we’ll be booked out of inventory – especially for those last-minute jobs.

Lease a PopUp WiFi unit and know you’ll always have a unit when you need it.

Imagine just grabbing your unit off the warehouse shelf at a moment’s notice and showing up on site with perfect internet performance – again.

Speed up set up

Once you’ve connected your production devices to your PopUp WiFi unit once, they’ll automatically connect again when you power up at future events. Forget showing up on-site to unpredictable networking conditions – a lease unit is always configured the same way so you don’t even need to find out the venue password. Even better, if you need help, you can speak to our dedicated team of networking engineers who know your unit inside-out any time, 24/7. 

The PopUp WiFi Express

The PopUp WiFi Express 5G

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Two handy LAN ports to connect devices or switches via hard line.
Plus a WAN port lets you add any on-site connection to the pool for even greater redundancy.

Linden Kurth

CTO | Network Engineer | Co-founder

Every PopUp WiFi hire is backed by UltiMate Intelligent Active Support.

Stack your team with our experienced network engineers. They use IoT data and powerful cloud-based tools to expertly manage your network in real time, so you can concentrate on producing your show.

Businesses all over the world use the Express unit to power their live streaming and event productions.

PopUp WiFi Express 5G Packages

PopUp WiFi Express hire packages have all these production internet essentials bundled into one straightforward price – no expensive surprises :

Custom network configuration

Set your own network names & passwords during checkout. We’ll ship your unit pre-configured and customized, ready to plug in.

Network Performance Optimization

Your individual network check & optimization with our network engineers so you get best internet performance for your location.

50GB Data Pack

For a longer hire, you can add data packs during your hire, from $3.50/GB. We’ll notify you when you get to 75% and 95% of your data limit. You’ll have the option to purchase more data in prepaid packs.

UltiMate Intelligent Active Support

From the moment you plug in your Express unit, right until the show’s over, our friendly techs are here for you. They manage your network in real-time using live data to provide on-the-spot answers – 24/7. 

Early Delivery

Return standard delivery – US-wide for just $149 for orders placed 7 days or more before your live date(s).
We know how important it is to get everything just right. That’s why we deliver two business days before your event at no extra cost, giving you time for your set up, tech runs and rehearsals before show day. If you need your gear on-the-double, talk to us about a quote for express shipping.

Leasing options


24 months

$ 1955*

12 months

$ 1955*

6 months

$ 1955*

3 months

$ 1955*

1 month

$ 1955*

Express 5G

24 months

$ 1955*

12 months

$ 1955*

6 months

$ 1955*

3 months

$ 1955*

1 months

$ 1955*

If you need more than one space covered in WiFi, or if you’d prefer to discuss your event with one of our friendly (internet-obsessed) teammates, drop us a line. We’ll be with you by the next business day. We promise we’ll never hassle you with annoying sales calls or spam.

If you’re a non-profit, reach out, we’d love to hear from you. We offer special inclusions for Community organisations.

*A once-off service fee of $149 applies for bookings placed at least 7 days before your event date, which covers return UPS delivery, custom configuration and live optimization of your unit/s. For rush orders fewer than 7 days away, ask us for a custom quote.

All hires come with 50GB of data included. Need more? We’ll notify you when you get to 75% and 95% of your data limit during your hire. You’ll have the option to purchase more data in prepaid packs starting at $5/GB during your hire, or we’ll bill you at $7/GB for overages after your event.

PopUp WiFi Express 5G Technical Specifications

The PopUp WiFi Express 5G is a compact and powerful high-availability managed internet unit for rapid deployment. Suitable for high-density situations, complex technical production,
streaming in up to 4K and deployments in metro areas.


Quick Facts

  • Runs using 1 x 5G + 3 x 4G/LTE-Advanced bonded providers concurrently for increased performance and 99.9% uptime
  • Venue permission not required
  • CAPTIVATE integrated WiFi marketing compatible
  • No need to even open the case – just plug it straight into standard AC power.


  • Multi-provider capable (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile)
  • 5G and LTE Category 20
  • 8 Load-balancing algorithms
  • WAN smoothing available
  • Carrier bonding
  • Cloud-managed
  • VLAN priority-capable
  • 2 x External Ethernet LAN ports
  • 1 x External Ethernet WAN port
  • WiFi WAN-compatible
  • Bonded speeds 20-250Mbps download, 20-150Mbps upload
  • Latency 30-100ms
  • DHCP IP addressing
  • Static public IP address available


  • High-gain antennas for superior 5G/4G performance
  • Directional and omni-directional antennas for range and reach

Access Point

• 100 concurrent users
• At least 10,000 sq. ft. range (100′ x 100′ room)
• 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax WiFi 6
• CAPTIVATE compatible
• 4×4 MIMO
• Broadcasts 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz frequencies
• Complies with all main WiFi security standards
• Web content filtering, whitelisting and blacklisting
• WPA, WPA2 and WPA3 and enhanced open encryption


  • Powered by standard US 3-pin AC power plug
  • Battery power available via two integrated Milwaukee M18/DeWALT XR 18V/20V adapters, or via external 4 pin XLR connector
  • Low power consumption (approx. 40 watts)
  • Battery Power kits available separately


  • Tough Pelican case construction with an external power cord. Does not need to be opened to operate.
  • Approved to take as carry-on or checked  baggage
  • Combination locked – able to be opened by airport security (TSA approved)
  • Splash resistant
  • Operating Temperatures 23F – 122F
  • Two integrated Milwaukee M18/DeWALT XR 18V/20V adapters for battery power
  • 4-pin xlr power inlet for battery power
  • Green power indicator light
  • External Ethernet – CAT6A RJ45 ports for connecting a network switch, direct client access or external WAN. 2 x LAN and 1 x WAN port.


• 21.7 x 13.8 x 9 inches
• 32lb

Reporting Capabilities

  • Network Usage Reporting – numbers of users and most-commonly-accessed apps and URLs on the network.
  • Data capture and reporting via captive portal. Email addresses, phone numbers, survey responses.
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