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Rock the best internet for your festival with PopUp WiFi.

How great would it feel to know that your festival internet was all taken care of?

Internet fails at festivals can be so much more than an annoyance – they can be financially crippling, bad for the image of your event and a nightmare to solve on the hop. Whether you’re planning to welcome people into your festival using wireless ticket scanners, keep the money flowing with cashless payment systems, provide internet access to the fans, media and artists happy or beam a video stream out of your festival, the internet needs to be just right. Our team of expert network engineers design a custom network and manage your internet live during your festival. You’ll be able to focus on the millions of other tasks at hand without worrying about computers saying “No”.

It's not our first rodeo either.

PopUp WiFi has provided WiFi to hundreds of events and festivals across Australia and the US since 2014. Our festival clients choose our temporary internet because we create powerful, affordable solutions that are backed by friendly experts.

We manage your festival network live, using tricky technologies to handle potential congestion or remoteness. If you’re thinking about internet for a few POS terminals or a few thousand ticket holders, our WiFi will make you look like a production rockstar.

We’ve been Partying In The Paddock since 2014.

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The event

Party In the Paddock is a rapidly-growing regional festival in Tasmania, Australia. Every year in February, around 10,000 fans pile into Burns Creek for three days of musical mayhem and camping high jinks. There’s almost no 3/G4G coverage at the site when it’s only covered in sheep – and no 3G/4G coverage when thousands of people (and their devices) turn up. Our WiFi is there to keep the show going on.

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The WiFi solution

We all know that a festival with no beer sales is a festival with no future. That’s why PITP hires a selection of our PopUp WiFi Go HD and PopUp WiFi Express HD units to power their cashless payments systems at the bar and merchandise stands. We also provide WiFi for the ticket scanners at the front gates and back-of-house WiFi for the admin container offices. In 2018, Mother Energy was the WiFi sponsor for the public PopUp WiFi Tower. They really were the heroes of this story. Festival goers set a PopUp WiFi record, with almost 500GB of Snapchat data crossing the network in one 24-hour period, thanks to their custom branded internet keeping the paddock-load of people connected to their mates and the interwebs.
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If you’re planning your next festival, contact us to get a quote straight from one of our event WiFi experts

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The PopUp WiFi Tower

The PopUp WiFi Tower is your premium temporary internet bundle when you really want to pack a punch at your next event. Towers are great for big crowds in large areas and come with our customer engagement service, CAPTIVATE, featuring a fully customized network, login splash screen, on-site set-up, custom signage, data collection, traffic flow reporting, and expert live support.

The PopUp WiFi Express

PopUp WiFi Express units are a simple way to rent internet access for medium-sized groups. Express units are a low-fuss, highly reliable solution for your next training session or conference and are great for video streaming. With full network customization and live remote support, they’re a simple plug ’n’ play option that’s a cinch to set up in under a minute for perfect WiFi wherever you need it.

The PopUp WiFi Go

PopUp WiFi Go units are a quick and easy mobile internet option for small groups, small spaces and cashless payment systems. Our newest baby model on the scene, PopUp WiFi Go is an affordable, reliable solution for situations when you only need a small number of devices connected, like at a bar or registrations desk. Easy to self-install in less than a minute, they’re like a low-cost internet insurance option for when you just need the internet to work.

And if you have any questions, contact us, we’d love to hear from you

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