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Gala events, silent auctions, special dinners and rallies – they’re all unique opportunities to contribute and make a difference. Nowadays, internet connectivity is the constant that enables us to bid, donate, connect and amplify the messages of our amazing non-profits, schools, colleges and charities. PopUp WiFi supplies state-of-the-art managed bonded cellular technology to make sure the internet works every time, and for a fair price, wherever your people may gather.

For guest registrations,
ticketing & payments

Keep the lines moving quickly and power your ticketing scanners, tablets and credit card terminals easily & reliably.

For silent auctions
and online giving

Raise more and spend less! Connect silent auction and text-to-give apps so guests can give effortlessly indoors and out.

For seamless
live streaming

Make sure the folks back home catch every magical moment in flawless 1080p or 4k using bonded managed internet.

Easy to set up in minutes.

User-friendly so you or your volunteers can plug’n’play quickly and simply. Choose from our standard Express unit for basic reliable internet connectivity or add The Accelerator Kit when you’re live streaming or working in a remote area. You want to know the best bit? We’re with you every step of the way, with live phone support from our friendly Peplink-certified network engineers who can make changes to your network in real time.

The PopUp WiFi Express

The PopUp WiFi Accelerator Kit

Hire comes complete with our standard UltiMate Intelligent Active Support and a bonus 100GB of bonded cellular data so you never have to worry about overages. 

This is how we helped a community organisation turn three college campuses into smart production studios in under an hour.

When the pandemic took hold we got a call from Ivan at Ivan Barra Films. He’d been working with the Wisconsin Association of Cheer/Pom Coaches to put on dance and cheerleading practice coaching events in packed out college campuses and high schools right across the State. But now, right when everyone most needed to engage in with their communities, social distancing regulations had put a stop to the very comps that would lift everyone’s spirits.

Instead of giving up, the team moved the live competitions to a simultaneous live-streamed competition at three college campuses. With audio visual specialists and videographers on hand they used large gymnasiums and outdoor spaces so the competitors could compete at safe distances and spectators could watch safely from home. The show would go on!

But then, less than a week before show day the tech run totally bombed. The fibre internet connections in the gymnasiums and car parks weren’t designed to support high definition streaming. 

Within an hour of speaking to us, Ivan had a solution for robust multi-carrier bonded internet and two days later PopUp WiFi units landed at three different schools. Volunteers plugged them in and within minutes, everyone had the stable, redundant internet they needed. Dedicated network engineers helped them produce the event in High Definition remotely for contactless, live support.

The competition turned out to be a triumph of creativity, courage and technical smarts over the pandemic’s best efforts. The relief and elation the community felt was overwhelming.

“We all thought we were good to go before rehearsals since the colleges had fibre connections that should have been plenty. Your solution saved our bacon at two of the sites because the school internet was dropping out and blocking us (even though we were told it would be otherwise). Without your service and the wonderful help from your network engineers we would have lost two out of the three sites for our streams and disappointed hundreds of kids around Wisconsin. Since internet connectivity is the single most critical part of our online productions, we won’t be going out relying on single connections ever again. Your gear just worked flawlessly. We’re looking forward to working with PopUp WiFi on our next live productions. ”

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Our techs will be monitoring your event live to make sure it’s fine tuned and flying fast. Optional onsite service is available too.

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We know how much it takes to put a charity event together

Let us make sure you have the best WiFi solution at the best price so you can get back to doing the good work you do best!

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