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Are you our next teammate?

We’re seeking an outstanding Operations Crew Member to join our passionate and committed PopUp WiFi team. Reporting to the Global Head of Logistics and Operations and the founding team, Operations Crew Members exist at the intersection between Logistics, Sales and Support. 

Your primary focuses will be:

1) To provide timely basic service and support to PopUp WiFi customers to help them achieve their production goals. 

2) To work with our Operations Manager and Warehouse Team to ensure the smooth running of logistics so PopUp WiFi units make it to customers and back on time – every time.

Are you our next teammate?

High-performance managed internet is critical to enabling our clients to produce their events successfully so we are deeply mindful of our responsibility at all times.

We value collaborative and mutually respectful relationships with our clients, co-workers and communities.  You will draw upon your strong professional background in the Audiovisual/Production sector to provide exceptionally efficient, competent and helpful experiences to our customers and the broader PopUp WiFi team. You will undertake regular paid training and will ensure you have obtained Peplink Certification within 30 days of commencing employment with us (if you don’t already have this qualification).

How To Succeed In This Gig

Remember: what we do matters. When we do our job well, small businesses, freelancers, artists, community groups and individuals genuinely benefit in real ways. 

Stay organised and manage your time well.

Work to develop empathetic, honest and positive relationships with our clients.

Be helpful in your outlook and actions.

Keep your product knowledge up-to-date. Participate in training and provide training to others.

Surprise and delight our clients.

Get on board with our obsession with providing incredible customer experiences

Ask for help when you need it. 

Use your unique understanding of events, people and logistics to make sensible decisions on the fly. We respect your experience and trust that you’ll take actions that are in the interests of our customers and PopUp WiFi.

Have an interest in technology as it relates to event production. Be effective and timely in collaborating with our global team online.

Share your ideas and observations honestly to enhance our products and services.

Have an understanding and enjoyment of events culture – high-speed, lean, ever-changing and usually unglamorous.


  1. At least 3 years experience in the Audiovisual, live streaming, production or event management industry with a comprehensive understanding of the ways that the internet is used in production.
  2. Familiarity with the Google suite. 
  3. Ability to learn to use new software. We use Current RMS, Canva, InControl and Aruba software daily. You’ll need to get to know these platforms quickly with our support and access to our documentation for reference.
  4. Most of our work is undertaken via email and phone, and communication is critical. You must have excellent spoken and written English. 
  5. Excellent time management.
  6. You are a US citizen for tax purposes and are prepared to work varying hours between 8 am – 7 pm Eastern Standard Time (usually 8-hour shifts, up to 40 hours per week).


  1. Fundamental understanding of networking principles.
  2. Peplink Certification.
  3. Prior experience with the PopUp WiFi product.

How to apply for this position

  1. Request the full Position Description by completing the form below.
  2. Complete the questionnaire that we will email to you.
  3. Attach your CV to the form.
  4. Include at least two professional references.
  5. Write us a cover letter introducing yourself. Include one paragraph explaining what excites you about the production industry and why. Maximum total length 300 words.

Request Position Description

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What happens next?

We’ll review your application and come back to you by the end of the first week of April, whether or not your application progresses to the next stage.

If you are successful in progressing to the next stage, we’ll arrange an interview with you and a practical task to understand your skill level and research ability. 

We intend for our new teammate to start working with us by the end of April.


Applications close midnight March 30th 2022

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